ITA To Create Ad Guidelines for iTV

At The National Show, the Interactive Television Alliance, which represents all sectors of the iTV industry, kicked off a nine-month industry initiative to develop "Interactive Advertising Guidelines (IAG) to further the adoption of the technology.

The goal is to create a consensus on standards, technologies and terminologies that traditional broadcast and cable networks, content creators and mass market advertisers can all reference and understand. The IAG steering group includes sponsors and leaders in the advertising community, like Best Buy, Johnson & Johnson and Kraft, as well as distributors including AOL/Time Warner, Comcast, Cox and DirecTV. A July 8-9 meeting, which will address metrics for evaluating and pricing iTV advertising, formats, privacy issues and technical operations, marks the first in a series of meetings.

The ITA will issue an initial report in December, concurrent with the NCTA's Broadband Plus/Western Cable conference, and final recommendations will be issued in March 2004.