iSuppli vice president finds LCD panels to rein supreme among displays

Televisions will account for 80 million square meters of LCD panels by 2010, according to iSuppli vice president, displays, Paul Semenza.

Speaking at a Society for Information Display 2006 event in San Francisco, Semenza said his organization doesn’t see “anything on the horizon that will challenge the LCD.” LCD panels will dominate the display market because they are the only display technology spanning from the size of cell phone displays to 100in televisions, he said.

According to iSuppli research, LCDs will account for two-thirds of the display market worldwide next year, up from 50 percent in 2003, he said. The compounded annual growth rate of LCD display use in television will be 39 percent, propelling the 30 million square meters of LCD panels expected to be used for TVs this year to the 80 million mark in 2010, he said.

Digital signage applications are demanding more LCDs, but won’t be responsible for a large portion of total TFT-LCD panel square meters through 2010, he said.

According to Semenza, plasma panel shipments will more than double from today’s level, reaching 21.7 million units in 2010. Revenue growth will be weaker, attaining $9.8 billion, up from $7.7 billion today.

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