Island TV Turns to PlayBox Neo for Playout Needs

PlayBox Neo Island TV
(Image credit: PlayBox Neo)

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla.—Island TV recently opted to go with multiple PlayBox Neo products to help ensure that its content reaches all of its viewers, including the AirBox Neo, TitleBox Neo and ListBox Neo platforms.

Island TV is based in Miami and provides live and recorded programming in three different languages to regional broadcast stations in Florida and 13 Caribbean Islands via cable and over-the-air. As the network was turning 25, and following instances of its previous playout system freezing multiple times a day, Island TV made the switch to PlayBox Neo.

Two single-channel AirBox Neo servers were part of the install, each running the latest Neo-20 software. TitleBox Neo graphics generator was included for graphics overlay and the ListBox Neo offline schedule editor managed scheduling.

The AirBox Neo servers were configured for content ingest, master playout and backup. TitleBox Neo-20 provides fully interactive 4K UHD/HD/SD channel branding. The combination allows Island TV to perform file-based video playback and live pass-through streaming with graphic overlays.

Updates to the Neo-20 software include the ability to mix different media formats, frame rates and resolutions in a single playlist; a web-based multiviewer; and low latency, high-quality streaming via the public internet.

“We couldn’t be happier with our switch to PlayBox Neo,” said Frantz Parisot, Island TV, chief engineer. “They trained us and got the whole team knowledgeable about the system. Their support has been truly above and beyond. But what I’m most impressed with is the software. It’s been so easy to use, integrates within our existing workflow, and its reliability means we’re free to focus on other things without worrying about playout. It’s so flexible, we can insert additional files or switch to a fully live broadcast on any channel at any time. We incorporated the two servers within our network, including our NAS (Network Attached Storage) and our FTP server. It’s a very powerful system.”

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