IPTV service deploys Latens CAS to increase security

Optical Entertainment Network (OEN), a Houston-based provider of IPTV and IP broadband services optimized for fiber-to-the-home (FTTH), has deployed a Conditional Access System (CAS) from Latens Systems. The Latens CAS software is protecting the revenues and content of the IPTV component of the FISION Triple Play Plus Services bundle, which is distributed to its customers through the FISION FTTH.

Designed to leverage the benefits of FTTH technology, OEN now offers subscribers its new FISION service, an integrated service for IPTV, Internet, voice, video-on-demand and other broadband applications. OEN has acquired programming agreements for IPTV distribution from top TV networks in the U.S., Latin America, Europe and Southern Asia including Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean channels with programming in 13 foreign languages.

The Latens CAS will enable OEN to have complete control over how it launches new services and content offerings.

In addition to a comprehensive lineup of the most popular TV networks and channels, FISION will also deliver 55 channels of Hispanic TV programming.

For more information, visit www.latens.com.