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iPad: 3D HD Virtual Horse Racing

As an increasing number of iPhone apps are being reconfigured for their larger cousin, the iPad, some apps are being devised solely for the newer Apple device in order to take full advantage of a much larger high-res screen and enhanced audio. And since the iPad does have 720p clarity capabilities, a lot of new iPad apps seem to come with "HD" in their names.

Case in point: Virtual Horse Racing 3D HD, which "tries its best, but in the end, it finishes out of the money," according to MacWorld.

The HD app does not oversee the betting of real money, of course, but apparently it does help if you know something about how to bet on the real ponies. You can wager on any given thoroughbred to win, place, or show — or place exacta, trifecta or superfecta bets. Players begin each game with a bankroll of $1,000 in virtual money.

Vital statistics and racing records are given for each entry, and while the focus of the app game is wagering, the HD 3D developer "clearly put some effort into the look of the actual races," as well, according to the publication.