Interactive Group gets two Quantel eQ systems

Italian post production company The Interactive Group has purchased two eQ finishing systems from Quantel for its facilities in Rome and Milan.

"When time is of the essence and the project demands the highest quality and reliability, then the only solution is Quantel," commented Interactive Roma's Art Director, Elena Chiesa. "The eQs are an important step forward in speeding up all our post production processes. Since we opened for business in 2000, we have built our reputation on creativity and quality while offering a level of client service that is second to none."

The eQ investment allows Interactive to create an entire job using the one system, from online editing to imported vfx, integrating titles, colour correction, conforming, finishing and multi-format deliverables. The faster speed that the eQ offers means that the whole project in front of the client and make any required changes instantly as the job progresses, without the use of any proxies.

"Using other approaches, you waste a lot of time (and we all know time is money!) bouncing the media between several suites to carry out different parts of the post production process, both within and outside of the facility," added Chiesa.