Intelsat Powers Pangea Day for Worldwide Live Broadcast

Intelsat is supplying satellite capacity to for the distribution content on Pangea Day, the global film event May 10 that aims to bring the world together and promote understanding and compassion through film.

Pangea Day will include short films, inspirational talks and musical performances and will be coordinated live from six locations—Cairo, Kigali (Rwanda), London, Los Angeles, Mumbai, and Rio de Janeiro—and broadcast in seven languages. The content will then be transmitted to thousands of movie theatres and registered “Friends of Pangea Day” watch parties in more than 100 countries.

Intelsat will collect and transport program feeds from three venues to the production center in Los Angeles. The live content will then be delivered to Intelsat’s teleports in Napa, Calif., Fuchstadt, Germany and Ellenwood, Ga., for distribution through Intelsat’s video neighborhoods serving North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, East Asia and Asia-Pacific.

The event will feature 24 short films selected from an international competition along with talks from CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, Queen Noor of Jordan and others. Live music will include performances by Bob Geldof, The Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart and Iranian rock band Hypernova.

“The complexities of producing a global event such as Pangea Day are significantly reduced when all of the required contribution and distribution connections are available from a single, integrated source,” said Michael Olmstead, executive producer of Pangea Day. “We thank Intelsat for its technical and capacity contributions to our event.”

“Globalization of live content will transform what audiences view and how programming is distributed in a world of multimedia, on-demand needs,” said Ron Rosenthal, Intelsat’s regional vice president for Broadcast Services. “Producers of global events continue to seek out Intelsat because of our infrastructure, which enables seamless, reliable content transmissions from and to every continent and makes such live broadcasts successful.”