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Intel, Yahoo Invade HDTVs

Intel and Yahoo are teaming up to deliver “widgets,” with Internet content directly to HDTVs.

In what could be a way to move ads from the Internet direct onto HDTVs, Intel architecture and Yahoo’s applications will drive the Widget Channel, a framework optimized for TVs and other devices.

“The Widget Channel will allow consumers to enjoy rich Internet applications designed for the TV while watching their favorite TV programs,” Intel said in a statement.

The Widget Channel framework will use established Internet technologies to lower the barrier of entry for developing applications, and the companies plan to make a widget development kit available.

It’s based on the Intel Media Processor CE 3100, formerly called “Canmore.” It has previously been demonstrated in mobile applications.

Companies already interested include Blockbuster, CBS Interactive, Comcast, Disney-ABC Television Group, eBay, GE, Joost, MTV, Samsung Electronics, Showtime, Toshiba and Twitter, according to Intel.