Inscriber Offers After Effects Plug-In

(February 2, 2004) Waterloo, ON--Inscriber is now offering a plug-in for use with Adobe After Effects. The Inscriber After Effects Plug-in allows broadcasters and post-production experts to easily create Inscriber animations (.VIA files) within Adobe After Effects. These animations can then be played back directly on several Inscriber products, including Inca Studio, Inca RTX, InfoCaster and others.
For video professionals using Adobe After Effects to create animations for Inscriber products, this plug-in removes a time-consuming step from the production process. Transferring animations containing key and fill from off-line compositing packages to online Inscriber character generators is quicker and easier.
Inscriber .VIA files offer video professionals using Inscriber products a 32-bit animation format with key and fill. The plug-in allows .VIA files to be rendered directly, streamlining production efforts.
"By providing a plug-in for After Effects, we have made it possible for content to be seamlessly migrated from the graphics room to the video suite," said Alex Wackley, senior product manager at Inscriber. "Users can now easily access standard applications and add content directly into video productions, increasing productivity."