Inscriber inks Saskatchewan Indian casino deal

Inscriber has reached an agreement with SaskWatch Communications to deliver its InfoCaster digital signage displays to multiple casinos operated by the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority (SIGA) in Canada’s Saskatchewan province. SaskWatch is a Saskatoon, Sask.-based systems integrator that provides digital signage solutions and full advertising venues and services to Regina and Saskatoon locations.

Example of a movie poster turned into a digital sign display using InfoCaster.

The InfoCaster digital signage displays will be installed at the Northern Lights, Painted Hand, Gold Eagle and Bear Claw casinos, respectively. All four casinos are located in Saskatchewan. SIGA will use these displays to inform their patrons of new games and recent winners, plus show advertisements for upcoming casino events, lounge and restaurant specials and player’s club promotions.

The content for each display will be customized remotely from a centralized SIGA location using InfoCaster Network Manager, a networking solution for remotely managing widespread InfoCaster displays.

“Given the geographically dispersed locations of the casinos within the province, we needed the ability to remotely customize and update each display from a centralized location,” says Diego Monteiro, vice president of management information systems at SIGA. “InfoCaster allows us to easily do that and remotely schedule the content to play out on specific days.”

InfoCaster works right out of the box to integrate multiple, overlapping layers of crawls, rolls, animations, clocks, live video, graphics and text into professional, multi-zone presentations. It comes equipped with content creation tools and a flexible scheduler for straightforward production design and maintenance.

The installation will be completed by the end of this month.

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