InfoValue and Amino join for IPTV services

InfoValue Computing, a specialist in video-streaming platforms, has joined with Amino, an IPTV platform supplier, to offer streaming video feeds to enterprise users, telco subscribers and hotel guests.

The companies customized InfoValue's SuiteTV and BizTV for use with Amino's AmiNET124 set-top box, which supports the H.264 (MPEG-4 Part 10) video compression format. InfoValue also designed newly optimized GUIs for the set-top box. The combined InfoValue/Amino system has already been deployed in hotels, hospitals and enterprises.

InfoValue's SuiteTV is based on the QuickVideo server, a software-based platform for video-streaming functionality over IP networks. Based on a modular, open architecture, it can enable video-on-demand and multicasting; networked personal video recording (for instant replay); recording, archiving and publishing; and content distribution. It is incrementally and independently scalable.

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