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Industry Veterans Launch New ITV Company

Three veterans from the entertainment and Internet sectors have launched a new company to help programmers and advertisers develop interactive TV interfaces and brand their content across an increasing variety of media.

The new company, called "Schematic", is headed up by Emmy-award winning designer Dale Herigstad, Razorfish LA founder Richard Titus and Infospace founding executive Paul Taormino. The founders predict that the changing media landscape will cause a shift in how companies do business, creating a demand for Schematic services. Titus says that today's audiences are exposed daily to a barrage of media streams from a variety of platforms and "As audiences take control of how they experience and interact with branding, programming, promotion and advertising, companies are forced to address the resulting communications and economic effects."
Based in Los Angeles, Schematic has already developed an interface for Cablevision's digital cable services, enhanced TV content and gaming for Turner Classic Movies, playback graphics and design for Fox and a branding/packaging system for National Geographic Channels International.