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Industry to recognize outstanding sports production at 25th Sports Emmy ceremony

The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences will recognize outstanding achievement in the production of sports television Monday, April 19, when the 25th annual Sports Emmy Awards are presented.

The black-tie event, which will be held at Marriott Marquis Hotel in New York City, will also honor Ed and Steve Sabol of NFL Films with this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of their pioneering efforts and significant contributions to sports programming.

Among the nominees this year:

  • Outstanding Technical Team Remote: FOX NASCAR on FOX; FOX NASCAR on FOX: The Daytona 500; NBC/TNT NASCAR; ABC/ESPN.ESPN2 X Games IX;
  • Outstanding Technical Team Studio: TNT Inside the NBA; ESPN NBA Draft; ESPN NFL Draft; ESPN This is SportsCenter;
  • Outstanding Camera Work: Farther Than the Eye Can See, Outside Television OLN, Cinematographer: Michael Brown; Ironman Triathlon World Championship, NBC World Triathlon; Cameraperson: Wayne Abbott; ESPN2 Sahara Marathon: Footrace Across the Sand, Cameraperson: Peter Francella and Thomas Stukus; NBC The Gravity Games, Cinematographer:Scott Duncan;
  • Outstanding Editing: FOX Sports Net Beyond the Glory –Paul Pierce, Red Skies Entertainment, Editor Martin Singer; HBO Jim McKay – My World IN My Words, Editor Pierre Kahn; ABC The Battle at the Bridges, Editor David Klinkowize; HBO The Curse of the Bambino, Black Canyon Productions/Clear Channel Entertainment Television, Editor George Roy; FOX Sports Net Tyson, Red Skies Entertainment, Editor Todd Crites;
  • Outstanding Live Event Sound: ESPN/ESPN2 Great Outdoor Games, Mark Butler et al; FOX MLB on FOX, Fred Aldous; FOX NASCAR on FOX, Fred Aldous;
  • Outstanding Post-produced Audio Sound: ABC Indianapolis 500 X TREME Speed Tease, Bill Gardner; HBO Inside the NFL, NFL Films, Vince Caputo et al; NBC The Gravity Games, Todd Crites;
  • Outstanding Graphic Design: ABC/ESPN INDT Racing League, Chris Camiani et al; ABC Super Bowl XXXVII, Bob Brower et al; ABC Battle at the Bridges, Chris Mallory;
  • Outstanding Innovative Technical Achievement: NFL Network NFL Total Access Team Cam, Innovator Glenn Adamo et al; iN DEMAND The Daytona 500 on iN DEMAND, NASCAR Digital Entertainment NASCAR in Car, Innovator Paul Brooks et al; USA U.S. Open Tennis Championships on USA, Hawkeye, Innovator Luke Aggas.

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