India: Samsung Upgrades Super Slim LED Line

Samsung has begun rolling out a larger (and more expensive) line of LED HD sets in India. The 8000 series—which includes a 55-inch panel it considers its flagship HD product—is now available in the world's second-most populous nation.

The firm's intro of its latest series of slimmer-than-LCD products comes several months after the launch of its 6000 and 7000 series of LED units in India and elsewhere. (Samsung recently added a 32-inch LED model to its 6000 series and a different 55-inch LED unit to its 7000 line.)

Beyond bigger size and slimmer profile (a mere 1.1 inches thick), the new 8000 series features 200Hz in all models for reducing blur in fast-action sequences — compared to 100Hz refresh rates in the 6000/7000 series. Samsung said its LED units also require less power consumption without sacrificing any features.

The new 8000 series provides a "USB 2.0" movie feature for viewing videos/ photos from a camcorder, accessing multimedia files, or playing music.