Imagine Communications’ IP3 Router Part of Gearhouse Columbus Truck

THAMES DITTON, ENGLAND—Gearhouse is rolling out its new Columbus 4K/UHD-ready production truck with Imagine Communications contributing to the truck’s buildout courtesy of the IP3 router. Part of Columbus’ core infrastructure, the IP3 provides multi-format signal distribution capabilities, including support for HD, 3G and 4K/UHD, as well as makes the truck IP ready for a possible future transition.

One of the key responsibilities for the IP3 28RU router that is installed in the Gearhouse truck is to support the 24 4K monitors that make up the truck’s monitor wall. The monitors can be configured as quad splits or single-input 4K monitors.

The Platinum IP3 has the ability to store and retrieve a variety of configurations, allowing for customers to change between a range of settings. The router also supports audio multiplexing and de-multiplexing, as well as discrete AES or MADI signals. Scalability and integrated multiviewers are also available. Designed to work in a hybrid SDI-IP environment, IP3 offers transparent operations across the two signal formats and seamless and synchronous switching between SDI and IP domains.

The IP3 can be upgraded with IP input and output modules that support industry standards for the transport of video and audio over IP networks. The IP3 control layer also supports IP networks based on commercial off-the-shelf Ethernet switches and unified control and management experience.

The Gearhouse Columbus production truck is now available for productions.