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Imagination Launches HD Video Decoder IP Core

Imagination Technologies, a player in system-on-chip intellectual property, has announced the availability of its PowerVR MSVDX HD-video core. The unit is a multi-standard HD video decoder core enabling both HD DVD and Blu-ray decode and HD broadcast reception.

Imagination, in a statement said, PowerVR supports up to 1080i/1080p and 2048 x 1024 resolutions, and can be configured to support single streams or four multiple streams. The decoder support the following standards: H.264 (to high profile), WMV9 (to main profile), VC1 (to advanced profile), MPEG-2 (main profile), MPEG-4 (to advanced simple profile), DivX (certified), and JPEG.

The firm's Display IP includes scalable display pipelines supporting PIP, overlay, advanced de-interlacing and image enhancement enabled by IP.

Advanced error recovery is enabled with logic to increase resilience to errors on reception of a corrupted bitstream. A micro-controller within the stream manager enables error recovery while low-level activity monitors detect and lock-up error conditions.