Ikegami integrates Mindspeed technology in production switchers

Mindspeed’s technology helps switcher operators avoid interference and jitter from retimed data
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Ikegami Electronics is shipping its HSS-3000 and 300 series multiformat production switchers with Mindspeed’s HD/SD broadcast video co-axial cable driver and multi-rate automatic reclocker devices.

Ikegami’s HSS-3000 large production and HSS-300 compact production switchers support multiple HD and SD formats and offer 1M/E with 8x8 input/output to 4M/E with 96x64 input/output configurations to meet various system requirements.

Mindspeed’s M21212 HD/SD broadcast video co-axial cable driver is pin-to-pin, electrically, and functionally compatible with existing legacy single-channel cable drivers. The M21212 provides enhanced performance such as improved differential input sensitivity (100mVpp to 2000mVpp), typical device output return loss of 20dBm, and an increased margin while reducing power consumption.

For more information, visit www.mindspeed.com and www.ikegami.com.

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