Ikegami Electronics

Ikegami introduced a new compact HD camera weighing a mere 12 pounds (without battery) that adapts to any of the company's fiber-optic base stations and offers both 1080i and 720p output. Ikegami has developed a new ASIC chip for its cameras that has improved overall performance. It is also showing the HDL-20, a POV camera with two 2/3-inch 2,200-pixel IT CCD sensor chips that company literature said provides a horizontal resolution of 1,000 active lines.

Ikegami has also expanded its DVCAM offering with the HL-DV7AW, switchable aspect ratio standard definition camcorder. The Ikegami AIT CCD is included for improved smear characteristics and higher performance.

Amidst this year's contentious tapeless recording product segment, Ikegami also showed the existing DNS-201 Editcam hard disk-based camera, but it continues to attract little interest from broadcasters. The company did provide a brochure that detailed the camera's use for the syndicated outdoor-adventure TV series The Outdoorsman with Buck McNeeley.

The Editcam camera records DV25 resolution on a "FieldPak" hard drive that weighs about eight ounces and fits in your shirt pocket. There's a 20 GB and 40 GB FieldPaks that translate into 1.5- and 3-hour record times, respectively. It can also record in seven different compression levels, from AVR-70BH to JFIF 10:1.

For more information visit www.ikegami.com.

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