IKEA debuts digital signage network in the UK

The furniture giant has launched the first phase of its network and already has plans for phases two and three.
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Beaver Solutions has installed digital signage, powered by Scala InfoChannel software, in 14 IKEA stores in the UK.

IKEA has turned to digital signage to inaugurate its in-store network in the UK.

Beaver Solutions delivered the installation of all the key components for the furniture giant’s IKEA TV network. The objective of IKEA TV in the initial phase is to promote the Hero product line, to soon be complemented with other initiatives including a customer welcome, informational programming and how to plan an IKEA kitchen.

Throughout the UK, 14 stores have been equipped with Scala InfoChannel software to distribute eight separate channels of content to screens throughout the store in key locations. Each IKEA store uses an average of eight screens, placed at selected points-of-purchase.

Phase two of IKEA TV will see three of the stores add 10 additional channels and an excess of 20 screens per store. Phase three will expand the digital signage network with the remaining 11 IKEA stores after an evaluation process.

Each screen will show a new character developed by IKEA, appearing in a number of animations crafted by IKEA to deliver a specific message to its shoppers. This content is displayed to visitors as they journey through the store. Diversified content including product videos and local store messages is shown, with message variety planned to increase in the future.

For more information, visit www.scala.com/products.