IEEE BTS Seeks Sponsor for IP Video Course

PISCATAWAY, N.J.—The IEEE Broadcast Technology Society is seeking a host for an upcoming session for its one-day course, “IP Video for Broadcast Engineers” taught by Wes Simpson, owner of Telecom Product Consulting.

The description of the course from IEEE BTS says it offers a look at technologies used to transmit video signals over IP networks to viewers, for contribution and distribution, and within production facilities. Students are given the practical applications of the underlying technologies, are introduced to terminology and industry standards, and learn how IP video technologies impact current and future plans for video networking and delivery. Modules that will be covered in the session include IP basics, IP video, consumer video delivery, IP contribution/distribution networks, private and in studio IP video, and system-level considerations.

Potential sponsors of the class can host a private event or open it to the public. The class can accommodate up to 30 attendees at a price of $150 per. Host organizations receive a discount on the tuition fee; IEEE BTS members receive a 5 percent discount.

The class was previously hosted by PBS on two occasions in 2015 and 2016 at the PBS TechCon in Las Vegas.