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IBM unveils 3D television technology

IBM’s display laboratories last week demonstrated a low-cost way to get high-resolution 3-D images from an existing large-screen television or home-cinema projector. The demo occurred at the 22nd annual Flat Information Displays conference in San Francisco, CNET News reported.

The technology could be built into a standard DLP television for less than $20. The computer maker configured a Texas Instruments 50in flat screen DLP set with its own hardware and software, which takes 3-D content and splits it into two images that are later translated as a stereophonic image with the help of passive glasses such as those one would find in an IMAX theater.

Jim Santoro, a technology license program manager from IBM’s office in Poughkeepsie, NY, told CNET that IBM is looking for a manufacturing partner to bring the technology to market.

Santoro wouldn’t release all the specifics of the IBM technology, which does not yet have an official name, but he did say the software is compatible with all OpenGL and Direct3D applications, which are widely used in PC video games.

The technology is still being tested, but many sports broadcasters have expressed an interest in showing live games in 3-D.

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