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IBM and MediaTek Cooperate on 60 GHz Wireless Chipsets

While Microsoft and Philips concentrate on getting access to TV “white space” for wireless devices that will be hard pressed to come close to data rates possible with 2.4 and 5.8 GHz wireless cards, IBM and MediaTek are looking at using much higher frequencies that offer much great bandwidth.

A joint initiative between IBM and MediaTek will combine IBM’s millimeter-wave 60 GHz technology with MediaTek’s chip design expertise to develop wireless chip sets capable of transferring a 10 GB file in 5 seconds, according to MediaTek, instead of the 18 minutes required using a current Wi-Fi link. The high data rate allows uncompressed HDTV to be streamed wirelessly. This could replace wire links between set-top boxes, various HDTV playback and recording devices and HDTV displays.

“This collaborative effort will enable consumers to wirelessly transfer large multimedia data files around their home and/or offices in seconds,” said Dr. T.C. Chen, vice president for science and technology at IBM Research. “This will enable a world where you can have your entertainment when you want and where you want it.”

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