IBC2012 Leaders’ Summit to offer informed insight on connected TV in Europe

The IBC2012 Leaders’ Summit – Smart Connections will provide key insight into how many connected-TV households actively seek out and watch online programing and how consumers are responding to connectivity.

The summit, to be held Thursday, Sept. 6, 2012, at the RAI in Amsterdam, will provide a forum for the presentation of benchmark data on connected TV in Europe. The findings come from a year-long series of industry discussions and quantitative research conducted in key European countries by Deloitte’s Technology, Media and Telecommunications team.

The summit will offer a view of the future of connected TV during which delegates will learn from forensic analysis about the rate at which connected TVs are penetrating homes. They also will learn about current and future buying and viewing behavior affected by connected devices and gain an understanding of the technical impediments to the connected world.

Another key summit presentation will focus on the economics of new content for connected platforms. This discussion will examine the critical nexus between the cost of content and its likely commercial success. Deloitte will offer insight on how content economics varies by genre in a digital age and how the high quality expectations of consumers can be met.

There also will be a fresh perspective given on the role of traditional TV. The summit will ask why traditional broadcast viewing is considered by some to be a digital dinosaur and will make the case for the continued primacy of the schedule and the implications this has on the user experience and business case.

Deloitte also will present research findings comparing the current purchasing power of tech giants with the cost of specific premium content to gauge the potential and desire of companies such as Google or Facebook to compete with broadcasters for prized assets.

The forum also will examine the reasons why technological innovations such as PVRs, on-demand or social networks have bolstered traditional TV.

Delegates attending the summit also will hear predictions on the impact of tomorrow’s technologies, such as virtual reality, Ultra-HDTV and retina displays, on future content creation and consumption.