Hulu Expands HD to Long-Form Content

Hulu, the increasingly popular Web site that features streaming content from two broadcast competitors—NBC and Fox—this week began expanding its HD offerings to include some full-length programs in 720p, and eventually to include full-length movies and previously aired TV specials.

The Hulu site had been offering HD streams of mostly clip content, such as movie trailers and TV previews. The expanded HD line-up (which will grow over the next several weeks) is being marketed as “Hulu for the Holidays” and will feature new content in its HD gallery that changes every day or so through the holiday season, both networks said in a statement.

However, the HD content will not stream on just any computer set-up. Among the necessities are a Flash Player of level or higher, a connection of 2.5Mbps Internet connection or greater, an advanced processor, and other requirements, which are listed in the HD Gallery of the Hulu site.

HD content will be severely limited on any given day. For example, on Nov. 25, only four Hulu programs were being offered in HD: NBC’s “30 Rock,” “The Office” and “Heroes,” along with the original online feature “Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog” from sci-fi director Joss Whedon.