HPA Engineering Excellence Award recipients announced

Three technologies have been selected to receive the first HPA Awards for Engineering Excellence. The trio of winners was chosen after a presentation and judging session on October 7 at Technicolor. The Engineering Excellence award recognizes a substantially beneficial process, product or workflow in the post-production process.

The Engineering Excellence Award winners are:

Digital Vision for DVO technology: Digital Vision’s new image processing software, Digital Vision Optics (DVO), is a line of resolution-independent software that runs on general-purpose computing platforms and is based on the company’s DVNR hardware systems. DVO are the DVNR algorithms implemented and extended in software for the DI space. They include DVO Grain, DVO Dust, DVO Aperture and DVO Alias. DVO uses Nucoda project metadata and timelines and are available as an option to all Nucoda products, including Data Conform, Film Cutter and Film Master.

MTI Film for Control Dailies: Control Dailies is a PC-based telecine and audio control environment that accelerates the delivery of motion pictures dailies, facilitating faster than real-time image transfer and audio ingest, complete metadata collection, post synchronization in SD and HD resolutions, with output to various deliverables.

Sony for HDCAM SR: Responding to demand for more headroom in digital recording, Sony created the HDCAM SR platform to service digital acquisition, post production and distribution. Capable of recording RGB 4:4:4 HD and Ypb Pr 4:2:2 HD signals at 10 bit, HDCAM SR enables the industry to take advantage of the HD format. The platform records 1080/50/60 in progressive or interlace mode, as well as 720p/60.