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Houston’s KHLM Expands Offerings With Harmonic Processing

HOUSTON: KHLM, a Houston, Texas LPTV broadcaster owned by Lotus Communications is now operating with a Harmonic video processing system to provide additional virtual channel capacity.

“Harmonic's video encoding, stream processing, and service management technologies work together to provide high quality video at low bit rates, enabling a unique business model for low-power stations,” said Jim Kalmenson, president of Lotus Communications. “Our expanded channel capacity allows us to grow revenues through additional advertising opportunities and the ability to lease sub-channels to content providers who want to offer their own programming.”

With the addition of the Harmonic gear, the station was able to grow from six content distribution paths to eight.

“We understand the significant business challenges that low-power stations like KHLM face, and recognize the important role they play within their communities,” said Joel Wilhite, broadcast solutions manager at Harmonic Inc. “Harmonic brings the technical and market experience to allow these stations to expand their broadcasting capabilities cost-effectively. By leveraging our advanced compression technology, they can better serve their viewers while opening up new business opportunities.”