Honeywell Unveils Next-Gen Material for Flat-Panels

Honeywell has released a new material for the production of flat-panel displays that the firm said will achieve several goals, including improved colorization and color uniformity, extension of panel life spans and reduction of power consumption.

The materials were developed in a joint project of the United States Display Consortium, a public-private partnership, and the Flexible Display Center at Arizona State University in Tempe.

Honeywell said the new material enhances the amount of visible light that passes through a DTV, PC or laptop display, while absorbing less than 1 percent of the light. The new substance also is said to achieve smoothness (“planarity”) in excess of 90 percent, and improves color uniformity. In fact, the new material is specifically focused on overcoming planarization problems that arise in the fabrication of thin film transistors used for flexible display applications.

Planarization is critical for creating the uniformly flat surfaces necessary during the production of the thin transistors. The new material could enable all-sized displays to be thinner, lighter in weight and more resistant to scratches and breakage.