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Holland America Cruise Lines Upgrades With 360 Systems

Passengers on Holland America Cruise Lines will be kicking back with a new digital video system courtesy of 360 Systems.

The cruise line recently installed 11 360 Systems Image Server 2000s into staterooms and on-deck entertainment systems, which allows passengers to access pay-per-view channels, digital video and DirectTV, via C-Tel satellite dishes.

"We chose the 360 Systems server because it represents a good value for the end user," said Rafael Pineda, systems engineer for DVS, which worked with 360 Systems to install the servers. "The price/performance, the storage capacity, and the fact that it is controllable via the Leightronix controller, which we use on all of the ships, made the Image Server 2000 the best choice for Holland America."

According to Westlake Village, Calif.-based 360 Systems, the new server installation costs about the same price as the VCR-based systems they replaced but provides more space and options. The video servers provide up to 170 hours of video programming and compatibility with remote control options. The servers support VDCP, P2 and Odetics serial control, making it compatible with most control and automation systems in the market.