Hitachi Introduces 2/3-Inch 4K ENG-Style Camera

Hitachi SK-UHD4000 4K ENG-style camera

TOKYO —Hitachi Kokusai Electric announced that it has developed the SK-UHD4000, a broadcast 4K Ultra-HDTV camera system that uses 2/3-inch B4 mount lenses now functioning on conventional (2K) HDTV broadcast cameras.

The use of standard HDTV lenses eliminates the need for optically degenerative lens mount adapters. This technological advantage allows broadcasters and production companies to effectively use their existing camera lenses to shoot video in 4K resolution, while capitalizing on well-established TV production workflows associated with normal HDTV cameras. UHD-1 or 4K is quickly becoming the mainstream high-end production picture recording format because of its high-resolution and picture quality.

The SK-UHD4000 also works as a 2K HDTV camera system, since it has a simultaneous 2K resolution image output. By providing both HDTV and 4K formats simultaneously, it allows a producer to use existing workflows (such as OB production trucks) as well as capture in a higher-quality format for other outlets. By using a 2/3-inch optical target and standard broadcast lens mount, it solves a problem event producer have with large-format cameras — which is the lack optical depth-of-field and practical lens controls.

The SK-UHD4000 is equipped with new 2/3-inch MOS sensors. These sensors acquire video images with no smear, high sensitivity, high resolution and increases in power efficiency. New functional developments in lens’ aberration corrections allow the SK-UHD4000 to make the best possible image by correcting optical flaws found even in the most expensive HDTV lenses. The camera system comes equipped with an array of advanced production functions and tools familiar to Hitachi HDTV broadcast camera users.

This camera system will be showcased in the Hitachi Kokusai Electric booth at the IBC 2014 show.