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Hearst Television Launches "Very Local" Connected TV Channels

Hearst Television
(Image credit: Hearst Television)

 NEW YORK—Hearst Television has launched OTT and connected TV (CTV) streaming service "Very Local," that offers local news and information on popular streaming platforms like Roku and Amazon Fire TV.

The Very Local offering features locally focused, free ad-supported streaming (FAST) channels for viewers in Hearst Television's footprint in 26 US media markets spanning 39 states. 

"Very Local is an opportunity for Hearst Television to bring even more award-winning journalism to streaming audiences in our local communities," said Hearst Television president Jordan Wertlieb. "As consumers include streaming as a way of connecting with local content, we want to bring them the best local news and information. Very Local gives us a new, flexible platform and resource to bring our content to more people and to develop fresh, original digital-first programming that will resonate. Very Local, in combination with our fast-growing Hearst Anyscreen ad marketplace, advances Hearst Television's digital footprint substantially for audiences and advertisers." 

The app is available in the channel stores of Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV and Android TV. 

The FAST channels are available in the Very Local streaming app as well as from Tubi and Syncbak's free direct-to-consumer OTT app, VUIt. The FAST channels will also be available in the near future on the Amazon news app on Fire TV, NewsON, and elsewhere. 

Viewers in any of Hearst Television's markets will see a feed of local news, additional programming from their local news station, and new, original content produced from communities around the United States, the company said. 

"For a streaming-first audience, Very Local is the best way to connect with award-winning local journalism and other local content," said Andrew Fitzgerald, Hearst Television's senior vice president, streaming video services. "Consumers are diversifying the channels through which they consume media. We want to meet them where they are. If you missed today's newscast or in-depth weather report, or if you just want to enjoy great local story-telling that celebrates your community, it will be on Very Local." 

The offerings will features local, regional and national news; consumer news and investigative reporting; and popular Hearst Television regional and national content brands such as its long-running "Chronicle" newsmagazine series and its issues program "Matter of Fact with Soledad O'Brien." 

Very Local will also draw on content from Hearst Television's partnership with Hearst Magazines and its brands including Esquire, Delish, Runner's World and others, as well as Hearst Television's own Stitch brand, the company said.