Hearst Television automates mobile content delivery

Hearst-owned television stations have begun delivering short-form content, including news stories, to all mobile devices using a cloud service from Yospace.

The Yospace technology links into the broadcaster's advertising response server to ensure preroll advertising is targeted to the user, strengthening the revenue-earning opportunities.

News stories and other clips are uploaded to the Yospace service, together with local and national advertising. The content is then presented via apps across Hearst Television's key smartphone platforms and via its corresponding mobile Internet sites.

Once a request for content is received, the Yospace service detects the device, sets the video format and wrapper accordingly, splices in the tailored preroll commercial as defined by the broadcaster's advertising system, and streams out the content. All this preparation is handled instantly so the viewer notices no latency in delivery.

The technology is hosted in a Yospace cloud software as a service application, making it fully scalable as the success of the mobile applications grows rapidly, and much more content is added every day.

The system has been live in 25 Hearst markets since January 2012.