Hearst Creates Media Scholarships, Internships for Minority Students

Hearst Television
(Image credit: Hearst)

NEW YORK—Hearst, working with the Emma Bowen Foundation, has announced the creation of an endowment that will provide need-based scholarships and internships to minority students seeking careers in the media industry. The endowment is being created in honor of the late Jeana Stanley, who was Hearst’s vice president of Finance.

Stanley joined Hearst in 2004 at WBAL-TV and WBAL-AM/FM in Baltimore as a controller. She would move up and spend eight years as the vice president of finance for Hearst Television, before joining Hearst’s corporate finance team in 2018. In addition to her finance role, Stanley also was a scout for HearstLab, a group of women executives that contribute their expertise and mentor HearstLab portfolio companies.

Stanley passed away in June 2020.

The endowment is designed to assist finance students from diverse backgrounds seeking internships and career opportunities in media. In addition to needs-based scholarships, students will receive industry-specific education, training and internship opportunities at Hearst and other media-related companies.

“This endowment allows us to create an even broader pipeline of talent, armed with the necessary skills to be competitive, to be shared within the media and technology industry,” said Nikki Bethel, Emma Bowen Foundation president and CEO. “These young faces will reflect Jeana’s legacy. We know she would be most proud.”

“This scholarship combines many of the things that were close to Jeana’s heart,” said Randal Stanley, Jeana’s husband. “Jeana was passionate about helping professionals advance in the industry. Now, her legacy lives on.”

For more information, visit www.hearst.com.