HDTV over wireless LAN demo at IEEE Symposium

The opening session will cover the latest capabilities of broadband wireless

The IEEE Broadcast Technology Society (BTS) will show a demonstration of HDTV transmission over a wireless LAN at the 54th Annual IEEE Broadcast Symposium Oct. 13-15 in Washington, D.C.

Recent advances in PC graphic processors and CPU processing power allow real-time decoding and display of HDTV and the associated audio signal on a laptop computer. This technology, combined with the latest capabilities of broadband wireless (Wi-Fi), can be used to support HDTV local distribution and will be the subject of the opening session at the Symposium.

Entitled “Video and Audio Distribution via Wireless Broadband,” the session concludes with the HDTV transmission demo to be conducted by the Communications Research Center Canada. Also planned is real-time streaming of the session presentation viewgraphs and audio at HDTV quality, distributed over wireless LAN to the audiences.

For more information, visit www.ieee.org/btsymposium.

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