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'HD' Applies Well Beyond HDTV

The "High Definition College Ministry" from the High Street Baptist Church in Springfield, Mo., is one use of HD that goes a bit beyond ordinary television viewing purposes. Some of the other latest and most imaginative uses for the terms "HD" and "high definition," which we've cited from time to time in this space, include these items noted this week by CNET:

  • "High Definition Hair" treatment
  • "High Definition News" from The Oregonian (which has nothing to do with HDTV)
  • "High-definition graphics" on a micro-fleece beanie cap from Snow Shack
  • "Ten Steps to High-Definition Selling" from
  • Advertisement from Superstore: "The Bobby Labonte `high-definition' car stand-up from Wincraft has a mirror back for a premium feel..."
  • "High Definition Life," a book available from
  • "High Definition" mascara from Lancôme