HBO Max, HBO Subscriptions Reach 44.2M

(Image credit: WarnerMedia)

DALLAS—HBO Max is finding its footing in the streaming marketplace, as the streaming platform had 44.2 million domestic subscribers at the end of the first quarter of 2021, up from 41.5 million to end 2020, according to AT&T’s latest financial report.

The total subscription numbers for HBO Max include subscribers who have just signed up for the SVOD service and HBO, whose subscribers get HBO Max included. In Q1 2021, AT&T reports that there were 2.7 million subscriber net adds.

These numbers are prior to HBO Max rolling out internationally and its announced launch of an ad-supported version of the streaming platform, both of which are expected in June. Globally, HBO now has nearly 64 million subscribers, per AT&T.

AT&T says that domestic HBO Max and HBO subscribers have increased by more than 11 million year-over-year, primarily driven by HBO Max.

In financial terms, HBO Max and HBO had an average return per user (ARPU) of $11.72. Direct-to-consumer subscription revenues were up about 35%. WarnerMedia, which operates HBO Max, saw its total revenues rise 9.8% to $8.5 billion.

After a slower start, HBO Max is gaining its footing in the streaming market. Kantar has reported that HBO Max has netted the most subscribers among the major streaming platforms the last two quarters, in large part because of its pandemic strategy to release Warner Bros. movies on the streaming service the same day as theaters.

AT&T also reported that it lost 620,000 subscribers for its pay-TV business, as DirecTV is being spun off into its own standalone company. AT&T has 15,885 of what it is calling "premium TV connections."

The full AT&T Q1 2012 financial report is available online.