Harris Provides Live HD View of Inaugural Parade Route

Harris Corp. is providing technology that will give Internet and TV viewers a live HD view of the Presidential Inaugural Parade route beginning today.

A live rooftop camera has been stationed on the roof of the JW Marriott hotel at 14th St. in downtown Washington, D.C. The rooftop location offers a clear view down Pennsylvania Ave. and is about one block from the White House.

The live HD video feed will be made available to broadcasters and Internet users and on the Harris Web site (www.harris.com). Archive video of the parade will be available on the Harris and National Press Club Websites (www.press.org) until Jan. 30.

Harris worked with the National Press Club to design the system, manage the installation and provide tech services and support. After the live video is captured using an HD robotic camera, the content is stored on a the Harris Nexio AMP platform. Two Harris X75 processors downconvert the signal and a Harris Videotek TVM-950 signal analyzer verifies the quality of the signal. Finally, a Harris OPTO+ fiber optic module transports the signal to a distribution partner who coordinates the upload of the signal for broadcast.

Broadcasters interested in receiving the live video feed of the Inaugural Parade Router should contact Tiina Kreek at 202-662-7500 or boc@press.org.