Harris' IconMaster System Takes off Globally

Harris Corp. recently had its first worldwide sales and shipments of the company's new IconMaster system for master control with embedded multi-layer branding. Harris said IconMaster orders have been received from broadcast customers in every region of the world, including NewCap's CKSA-TV in Canada; Viasat Sport 1, a MTG Broadcast Centre station, in Sweden; and Milan Channel, an AC Milan company, in Italy.

"We chose the IconMaster system because it enables us to meet both our current and future master control and branding requirements," said Raymond Green, chief engineer for NewCap's mid-west broadcasting division.

IconMaster is based on the Leitch NEO modular platform and combines critical master control functions with multi-layer integrated branding. The company said it is the only master control that can be combined with other advanced applications, such as the Leitch NEO SuiteView multi-viewer series or the Leitch NEO XHD converter series, to create a plug-and-play system -- all in the same frame. The IconMaster system also supports internal routing using NEO routing modules and/or external routing with Leitch or third-party routers. IconMaster is fully configurable between SD and HD formats in the field.

"We are very pleased with the fast adoption rate IconMaster has enjoyed across the industry since it premiered in September 2005 at the International Broadcasters Conference in Amsterdam," said Tim Thorsteinson, president for Harris Broadcast Communications Division's Leitch Business Unit. "... We're happy to begin shipping the system so our customers can take advantage of the significant benefits it brings to their operations as they transition to digital and HDTV."