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Harris combines ADC, NEXIO manufacturing

Harris has announced several strategic initiatives for its ADC and D-Series automation product lines. The company is building a new automation test and integration lab in its Denver facility. The lab will be equipped with ADC and D-Series automation systems controlling both Harris and third-party hardware devices. In addition, business software such as Harris OSi traffic systems will be installed to demonstrate features such as Live-Update.

To take full advantage of the new laboratory, Harris will relocate operations for its ADC product line from Sunnyvale, CA, to the Denver facility. Manufacturing for the automation products will be combined with NEXIO server manufacturing, joining the server and automation quality-assurance functions added earlier this year. Combining these operations will allow Harris to achieve improved efficiencies and quality standards, while also expanding production capacity to increase supply. In addition, this strategic merging will enable enhanced integration between Harris servers and automation.