Harris Beats Out Market by 40 Percent

CHICAGO, ILL. Harris’s recently reported fiscal first-quarter earnings per share of 83 cents beat by 9 percent the expectations of analysts at Zacks. Broadcast division revenues fell, but combined revenues rose nearly 3 percent to $1.2 billion.

Zacks’ Alex Kolb noted that Harris is generating a return on equity of around 25 percent compared to an industry average of around 3 percent.

“The company pays a dividend yield of 2 percent, while most of its industry peers pay no income,” he said.

Harris elevated its full fiscal 2010 guidance by 13 percent at the top end to $3.84 a share. Zacks boosted its outlook 16 percent, from $3.31 to $3.85 EPS for the fiscal year ending June 2010.

Kolb said shares of Harris (NYSE: HRS) are trading at a near 52-week high, outpacing the market by 40 percent over the last three months. Shares edged over $45 this morning, then fell to $44.64 at mid-day. Zacks gives Harris a “buy” recommendation for growth and income investing.

Harris is No. 13 on Washington Technology’s2009 Top 100 list of the largest federal government prime contractors with more than $2.2 trillion in contracts. Harris’s most recent government contract comprises a $37 million order with a potential $18 million add-on.

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