Harmonic, Falcon Team Up on IPTV System

Harmonic, a Sunnyvale, Calif.-based provider of video processing and delivery technology, has announced a partnership with Falcon IP/Complete to offer an IPTV package featuring Falcon’s “bird to box” video system with Harmonic’s Direct-2-Edge (D2E) cable IPTV platform to offer a complete cable IPTV solution. Falcon IP/Complete is a Harmonic authorized reseller for cable and telco operators in the United States.

Harmonic’s D2E platform enables delivery of IP video services over an HFC access network directly to IPTV set top boxes, personal computers, or other IP devices. By eliminated the routing of video streams through a CMTS, Harmonic’s “by-pass” approach provides an estimated 70 percent infrastructure cost savings for cable and hybrid service providers delivering IPTV services.

“Our objective is to offer revenue-producing solutions to all our customers. Harmonic's strengths, experience, strong focus on creating advanced solutions for cable customers, and their longstanding track record of technology excellence made them the optimal partnership choice," said Donald R. Cook, president/CEO of Falcon IP/Complete.