Hamlet introduces 9K Series MonitorScope and DigiScope

Hamlet has introduced the 9K Series — a system based on the DS9000 DigiScope and MS9000 MonitorScope platforms, but supplied in a preconfigured form to meet a variety of monitoring and signal analysis requirements.

The company said the 9K Series was designed to meet many of the fixed applications users say they need at a lower cost. There are 12 configurations available at the moment: six for the MonitorScope where users need the half rack width form factor, and six for the DigiScope where they need to be able to route the output to a convenient monitor.

The configurations available cover common combinations of signals to be tested, including analog video as well as SD, HD and 3Gb/s HD digital streams.

While models in the 9K Series are sold as preconfigured packages, they retain the modular construction of the original products. If requirements change, the user can add new functionality by replacing the signal module.