Grass Valley unveils new AV Mixer

At the upcoming InfoComm conference this week, Grass Valley will introduce a new production switcher that combines broadcast-quality video processing functionality with professional audio features and computer industry connectivity. The new AV Mixer, called Indigo, includes the ability to perform mixes, dissolves, keys and 2-D and 3-D effects.

It is available in either SD- or HD-SDI compatible versions.

The Indigo accepts analog and digital video and audio inputs (including embedded audio in SDI and DV streams), as well as high-resolution computer inputs. It features internal seamless technology, allowing a variety of input resolutions to be scaled and mixed. Outputs are also available in multiple formats simultaneously, including DVI and SDI for direct drive of displays, projectors and for digital recording.

The functionality has E-MEMTM effects memory, digital video effects (DVE), and keyers allowing a number of PIP elements to be layered, color correction on every input, and mixes, dissolves and wipes between any source, no matter what the input resolution is. The switcher also offers an audio mixer with motorized faders, capable of mixing multiple audio sources, with audio-follow-video (automated audio fading to match picture selection) and automatic audio delay to compensate for video processing.

As part of the company's ProLine family, Indigo includes an interface to drive multiple Grass Valley Turbo iDDR videodisk recorders and other third-party equipment. AMP automation protocol is built-in, and there is an open API to allow other automation systems to control Indigo directly.

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