Grass Valley, Tripwire Boost Security for Broadcast Technologies

ST. LOUIS—With cybersecurity on the minds of many individuals and companies these days, Grass Valley and Tripwire, both Belden Brands, look to address potential concerns with broadcast technology with integrated security features. These security measures are in part a response to the emergence of IP, which Belden claims is potentially more susceptible to security risks.

“We can help broadcaster realize the benefits of IP, while embedding cybersecurity best practices to protect our customers’ valuable digital assets,” said John Stroup, president, CEO and chairman of Belden.

The integration strategy implemented by the companies follows a three-step principle: secure the network; secure the servers; secure the dedicated broadcast equipment. This strategy has been applied to Grass Valley’s iTX integrated playout platform; the company has plans to expand it to the rest of its portfolio as well.

The integrated secure broadcast systems also use Tripwire IP360 to provide visibility in the enterprise network, including all networked devices and associated operating systems, applications and vulnerabilities.