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Golden, CO, selects Broadcast Pix Slate 1000 switcher

The city of Golden, CO, has chosen the Broadcast Pix Slate 1000 live production system to provide broadcasts of its City Council meetings. The two- to five-hour meetings are presented live in their entirety. The Slate control panel will be used to control three Hitachi HV-D30 SD three-chip robotic box cameras. Other direct feeds to the switcher include the output from laptops, such as PowerPoint or video presentations, and a document camera.

With six keyers available, Chris Luna, TV production technician at Channel 8 for the Communications Office of Golden, is free to create very complex, multilayered graphics. One use of the keyers is to bring in full-motion video clips and place them onto a video or graphic background with a text display and music bed. These preproduced B-roll clips, shot by Luna using a DV camcorder, fill time during meeting recesses by featuring man-on-the-street interviews of local residents; recreational activities, such as citizens kayaking or walking in the park; and beauty shots from around Golden.

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