GLS Studios adds Alchemist Ph.C-HD to support Blu-ray, HD-DVD mastering

GLS Studios has deployed Snell & Wilcox’s Alchemist Ph.C-HD at its Munich, Germany, facility to enable motion-compensated standards conversion of HD and SD material within a Blu-ray and HD-DVD mastering workflow.

With the integration of the Alchemist Ph.C-HD standards converter into its facilities, GLS Studios can create high-end deliverables from multiple HD standards and formats without compromising image quality.

The Alchemist Ph.C-HD motion-compensated standards converter was designed to meet the demands of HD frame-rate conversion and to deliver converted outputs that are low in noise, high in detail and fidelity and virtually free of artifacts.

The system uses Snell & Wilcox's Ph.C motion estimation technology. Along with HD frame-rate conversion for 1080i and 720p standards, the Alchemist Ph.C-HD unit also performs SD standards conversion between 50Hz and 60Hz material.

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