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Global TV Operates Remotely With Telemetrics

Canada’s Global Television is now using Telemetrics’ TeleGlide Camera Floor Track system in connection with virtual studio operations in its Vancouver production center location. Global has 15 locations spread across Canada and is also using Telemetrics robotics gear in each of them.

Robotic cameras/virtual set arrangements are used by Global provide localism, with anchors, reporters and editors working in all of the studio locations. However, production functions have been centralized to four sites located in Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver. Operators there remotely operate cameras via Telemetrics robotic systems, as well as switch cameras, mix audio, and control lights and other production elements. “Telemetrics Televators, H-Frames and the TeleGlide Camera Trolley Floor Track Systems are deployed in each of our broadcast studios,” said Gerry Belec, Global Television’s director of technology and design. “The versatility provided by this system allows us to have control of any camera unit, anywhere in the country, at the click of a mouse.”

The addition of the floor track system added versatility to the Vancouver studio during the recently concluded Winter Games.

“We are using the Telemetrics TeleGlide Camera Trolley floor track system to enhance our daily news coverage of the events and stories surrounding the Greater Vancouver Region and surrounding ski areas, when these communities welcome[d] the world in February,” Belec. “The coverage [was] anchored from the virtual set at GlobalBC, with live cut-ins from around the region. The Telemetrics system [was] key to our success in covering this event as well as other news-making stories, and is one of the cornerstones of our wall to wall coverage.”