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Genesis Networks offers broadcast package for election coverage

Genesis Networks will offer a complete package of broadcasting services to media organizations covering the U.S. presidential elections this November.

The company will set up operations at the Hay-Adams Hotel in Washington, D.C., to provide turnkey broadcasting services ranging from live shot positions to playout services over the Genesis fiber and satellite network.

On-site Nov. 1-5 at the Hay-Adams, Genesis will offer three live shot stand-up positions, each with a direct head-on view of the White House. The live shots will include full camera kit and lighting, staffing support, a furnished production area and IFB solutions.

Genesis will also provide access to Internet and cable television broadcasts to enable journalists to follow the election results. The live shot positions will link directly into the Genesis network, including connectivity with more than 190 points of presence worldwide, for direct delivery of live video to the broadcaster’s newsroom.

Transmission services will include compression and standards conversion; all hardware, tape playout, uplink and satellite capacity services; and Genesis Networks’ full operations support.

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