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Gemstar-TV Guide And CBS Enter IPG Agreement

Gemstar-TV Guide International, a leading media, entertainment and technology company, announced a long-term IPG data distribution and advertising agreement with CBS Corporation, which will allow for the distribution of the TV Guide On Screen interactive program guide data over both CBS owned and operated stations and participating affiliates. This distribution will begin as soon as the necessary equipment is installed, which will take place over the next several months. The agreement with CBS is focused on distribution of data using the digital spectrum.

Under the agreement, CBS owned and affiliated stations will transmit the TV Guide On Screen data with their digital broadcast signals. Consumers who have purchased a digital television or digital recording device incorporating the TV Guide On Screen technology will have their programming choices available to them at a glance, with the convenience of making their viewing selections quickly through their remote controls. In addition to receiving comprehensive channel listing details, consumers with products incorporating the technology will be able to search for programs, set reminders and record their favorite shows, all with the touch of a button. CBS and its affiliates will have access to a portion of the advertising inventory to promote their programming, both nationally and locally.

"TV Guide On Screen is the leading consumer electronics based IPG and our technology currently provides daily, updated program listings for the millions of products with our IPG that have been shipped in the US," said Tom Carson, president, North American interactive program guide for Gemstar-TV Guide. "CBS is available across the country and signing this agreement with them will allow for the TV Guide On Screen IPG data to have the broadest distribution possible, and will bring the ability to quickly and easily find the programming consumers demand to more than 95 percent of households nationwide. This is an important step as we move toward the FCC mandate of 100% digital transmission, which takes effect in 2009."

"We are excited to be working with Gemstar-TV Guide, a company we view as a true leader in multi-platform video guidance" said George Schweitzer, president of the CBS marketing group. "This data distribution and advertising agreement is a win for CBS, our affiliates and for our viewers, as we get access to prime advertising space while helping to provide consumers with the information they need to help them find the programming they want to watch."