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GefenPRO ELR Extender sends HDMI with multiple protocols and power over a single Cat 5 cable

Gefen has announced its second generation Extra Long Range (ELR) Extender for HDMI using Power over Line (POL) technology.

The new GefenPRO ELR Extender for HDMI over Cat 5 with POL II uses a traditional sender/receiver methodology to extend HDMI with 3-D TV pass-through, IR, RS-232, Ethernet and power up to 330ft (100m) in distance using a single Cat 5 cable.

Gefen POL technology is based on the PoE (Power over Ethernet) standard and frees the receiver from power requirements, while providing an additional 5V to power supplemental hardware, such as a switcher, splitter or scaler to further enhance system performance.

The GefenPRO ELR Extender for HDMI over Cat 5 with POL II offers an optional receiver unit equipped with one additional HDMI input, so users can automatically switch between two HDMI sources, one connected to the sender, and the other connected to the receiver.

Both sources can be alternately viewed at the remote location using auto switching, IR remote, local front-panel selection or RS-232 control. When one source powers down, the receiver will automatically switch to the alternative source.

Both the IR backchannel and RS-232 connection on the receiver unit can be used to control the display from the remote location. This product is rack-mountable and comes with a built-in internal power supply.