Gefen Ships Wireless HDMI 5 GHz Extender

Gefen said it has begun shipping its new "GefenTV Wireless for HDMI 5Ghz Extender" for HD signal distribution, which comes both in broadcast and unicast mode.

The unicast scheme is designed to deliver point-to-point wireless transmissions that are HDCP-compliant up to about 30 meters. In broadcast mode, the 5 GHz extender can relay several identical HD signals without HDCP compliance. In broadcast mode, individual receivers are connected to each display to transmit HD content at the same distance.

Gefen, based in Chatsworth, Calif., said its sender/receiver system wirelessly transmits at 1080p/30 fps with 5.1 digital (and L/R analog) using 5 GHz technology by Amimon Inc., thus making it suitable for Blu-ray content.

The firm said 5 GHz provides enough robustness to pass through most walls and to eliminate any line-of-sight requirements for up to about 100 feet.